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제목 국제워크숍 개최 (International Workshop on Convergent Materials for Future IT)
date 2014-11-18
작성자 관리자
순천대학교 차세대IT-융합소재연구소에서는 인쇄유연 IT 소자 설계 및 융합소재 개발 연구 발전을 위하여
국제워크샵을 개최하오니 연구자들의 많은 관심과 참여바랍니다.
  차세대 IT융합 소재 국제 워크숍  [International Workshop on Convergent Materials for Future IT]

    ◆ Date : Thursday, December 4, 09:00~17:30

    ◆ Place : COEX Conference Romm(North) 2F #208

    ◆ Hosted by :  Advanced IT-Convergence Materials Institute, Sunchon National University.

    ◆ Organized by : BK21PLUS, Sunchon National University

    ◆ Sponsored by : KoPEA, 신소재경제, Society of LED and Solid State Lighting,  RIC

    ◆ How to Register


Regular 400,000Kw / Student 200,000Kw



Tuesday, Nov.18 ~ Wednesday, Nov.26

How to

Apply by e-mail after fill out an ‘Early-bird application form’

(E-mail : )

‘Early-bird application form’-please visit website


Provide lunch and mementos for ‘Early-bird applicant’

Payment : Only possible on-site by credit card

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